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16 Aug

I just had to triple-check to make sure, but I haven’t blogged in over a month. What the serious fuck. There has been so much going on, and yet nothing at all. Allow me to explain.

The last month, really two weeks ago, I finally found out my fate with my now-previous job. (Hint hint, in case you missed it, I am now unemployed). That’s right. The company I worked for was acquired, and unfortunately, I was acquired out of my job. Now, some of you might think one (read: me) could be possibly upset about this (feelings hurt, that sort of thing). And let me tell you, you would be right. Initially. However. (And I know this “however” is totally me going through the stages of grief and shock, but hang with me). However, at this moment, I am feeling ok. Again, allow me to explain.

I was laid off due to the company being acquired. It really wasn’t about me or my role (I know, right? I am crazy, and this is totally the stage of me talking myself down off the edge. You know, the part of a breakup where you say to your friend, “no, no! It’s not you, it’s them!” But again, hang with me). It wasn’t about me. They provided a severance and off I go to start a new chapter. They kept some people on a transitional basis, and some were offered full-time positions with the new company. And to everyone I worked with (well, let’s be honest, mostly everyone), I wish nothing but the best moving forward. I have enjoyed most of my time, have made a few really great friendships, and am honestly just really happy for it all (the transition) to be over with. I know what my fate is now, and have charged forward with finding my next adventure. I have spent the last weeks/month applying to all of the jobs, having some phone interviews, going on a few face-to-face interviews, and being ghosted. Yah, that’s right. Because apparently, that is acceptable behavior now. And I just read an article about “breadcrumbing” now, too. What the serious hell is wrong with people!? Just be honest. That’s all I ask.

So, breadcrumbs and ghosting aside, I feel good. I have gotten some “thanks but no thanks” emails, but still feeling positive. And I attribute that to all of the uncertainty being over. All of the waiting, the crappy feelings about myself, the projects being put on hold, it is all done. I am on a new journey. Almost 8 years at that company, it was a good run. Made some friends, learned some stuff, got bullied by a boss*, learned some more stuff, and I am out! And yah, there’s some more stuff to talk about, for sure. But for now, I am busy looking for a job and enjoying my last few days with Phinn before he starts school. (And now I am going to go before I start sobbing into my keyboard. Totally kidding. Life is really, pretty great still. I just need to find employment. But for now, the beach.)

*this is for a follow-up blog to my bully-blog, coming soon to a screen near you!

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