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21 Apr

First off, Hoppy Easter! I hope you were able to relax, enjoy yourself, and have a wonderful day!

So, for the last 6-9 months, Rory and I have been itching to get Phinn on a skateboard. But we’ve waited; 1) so his coordination would build up a bit, and 2) we wanted him to show interest on his own. Also, for the past few months, we’ve been watching WSL on Apple TV. Phinn has stated on more than one occasion now that he wants to learn how to ride the big ocean (he loves to watch the big wave riders, and while my outside mommy face matches the words that I say, “You betcha, nugget! You can do anything you set your mind to!”, my inside mommy voice is like, “oh fuck! Seriously?!”). He’s also noticed a few people riding skateboards in our neighborhood, and has mentioned a few times lately that he really wants to learn how to do that. YES! We had our in. Off to T&C at the Ka Makana Ali’i we went. (Not like, immediately. We aren’t crazy people. We waited a few days. . .) 

Rory used to skate a lot, loves it, and misses it. So naturally he picked out a skateboard and just looked super stoked (I imagine he immediately started dreaming of skating side by side with Phinn). I am super excited for him to teach Phinn (and I) how to do this. Because, while I used to work in the action sports industry, I was always too intimidated and too scared (to fall) to really try to skateboard. And I do not want to be a sideline mom. I want to be a mom who does shit right along her kid. So, I decided yesterday to buy myself a skateboard and learn how to do this. I’ve always wanted to skateboard through airports, anyway, so yes, 42 is the perfect age to learn how to skateboard. Why the hell not!? I will keep you posted on my progress, but I am really excited so far. 

We woke up early this morning (Easter Bunny excitement and all), and after the bunny came and the egg hunt was complete and we had delicious food in our bellies, outside we all went! Phinn grabbed his helmet, and he and Rory were off. Rory held Phinn on Rory’s board and they skated down the street together. I was just as thrilled as Phinn, he giggled each and every time they went. I cautiously walked my board down to the street level (our driveway looked like a fucking mountainside to me, no way was I speeding down toward my certain doom on a board attached to wheels), placed it on the ground, shrugged, and went for it. Found out that while I ride goofy when I wakeboard and snowboard, I apparently skateboard regular. I also apparently can only skateboard with my left arm up. But, even with the crazy look aside, you know what? I didn’t die! I didn’t fall! (Ok, well, I didn’t fall down, like, on the ground on my knees, hands, butt, or anything. I just would lose my balance and the have to fling myself off the board before I would fall to my certain doom). I had the BEST time with Phinn and Rory, and I didn’t care that I was going so slow that Phinn could run and keep up with me. I did it, I was happy, and I had a blast. And I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

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