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28 May

Dude. The past two weeks just happened. I so wanted to post during the past days, but I’ve been absolutely swamped. A few highlights: 

I went to California for work. Allow me to remind you, the company I’ve worked at for the past almost 8 years is being acquired and I am not sure if I will have a job after the deal closes or not. None of us know, well, most of the engineers are pretty safe (or so we’ve all been told), so the overall mood at the office is “poo-poo with a dash of caca” (and please please please someone guess in the comments what that quote is from!). I put together a little outing one night for a few of us and we had some drinks and blew off some steam. It was good. Most of the people I work with are awesome, and so it was a sobering thought that we might not all get together like that again. Not great when we were trying to drink our worries away. Ha ha! Overall, a great work trip. Always enjoy seeing the team. 

In addition to work, I got to spend some time with family. Got to see the Manos 4 and my mom Nikki – they are remodeling their house and it looks AMAZING! I love that I get to see the progress of their hard work. And I got to see Olivia and celebrate her birthday (well, a couple days late, but still!) with her. Embarrassed her with a somewhat underwhelming rendition of Happy Birthday at The Cheesecake Factory, but the dinner was good and the company was amazing. And spending time with my beautiful niece and nephew (Alex and Nico) is always a good time. I love them all so very much! I wish I could’ve seen more of you Californians! You’ll just have to come visit here. 

Simultaneously while I was in California, Rory and Phinneas were here moving us across the island. We are now on the East Side, and it is SO nice over here! The move went great, Rory was a Rockstar. All of our stuff got here safely, and while I am still unpacking, I boxed everything up so nicely it really has been an organized move. So, unpacking and unpacking and unpacking, but we have our stuff in our new place, the old place completely cleaned out and turned in our keys, and we are out of our first home in Hawaii. 

Next, Rory’s surgery! It went great. Took him in at 5:30AM, and Phinn and I were wheeling him out to the car at about 11:30AM. Crazy fast, and now we have matching scars…awwww! Who needs matching tattoos? Matching scars is where true love is at! HA HA HA! He’s been trying to help me unpack and I keep reminding him his back was just cut open. Sit down, Felicia, you have a two-inch opening on your spine and your innards could fall out. 

The past week has consisted of him recovering, me unpacking, Phinn helping both of us, the dogs trying to figure out their new space, and oh yah – Catcat officially moved in. So, let me explain. In our old place, our neighbor had this cat. Phinn named him Catcat. Over the holidays our neighbor had left for a couple of weeks and he basically stayed in our garage for the entirety of her trip, we fed him and gave him water and a love affair grew between Phinn and Catcat. So much so that I actually spoke to the neighbor upon her return and said that if she ever wished to rehome Catcat (apparently Jimmy), that we would gladly take him and provide him a good home. She said she’d think about it, and that obviously Catcat and Phinneas loved each other. (Catcat chases Phinn on his bike, I mean, come on! He’s like a dog!) So on our second to last departure from our old home, I left a note on our neighbor’s car. Told her we were moving and this was the time to do it if she wished, but also that if she didn’t, we totally understand and not to give it a second thought. I got a text later that night and the details of the hand-off were arranged. Last Wednesday, Catcat officially became a Collins.  I’ve never introduced an adult cat to an adult dog, but we are doing it and it seems to be ok. Heinrich is just really ready to play with him, and Catcat is more like, “you’re an idiot. I dare you to come try something. Like, how to even find me. Good luck.” And poof!, he vanishes. He knows how to use the dog door, which I am less than thrilled with, but our hope is to make our home as enticing as possible to make him not long for the outdoors. He’s gotten out once, but stayed near our lanai. Cross fingers he just becomes a happy, fat, indoor cat. I am not sure my nerves can take having a cat that acts like a college student, coming and going as he pleases and only stopping by for some food and laundry service. 

Now we are all back to our “normal” schedules. Rory went back to work today, although he is still healing so he will be working remotely as needed. I am back to it, although not sure what “it” is going to be, so trying to be in the present and finish out my outstanding projects. (Also spending some nights looking for other jobs. Just in case.) Phinn continues to be rad, and Tiffany is currently passed out on the couch. She agrees with our new pad.

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