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12 Jul

. . . And you think it's NBD because you'll be able to travel around and see your loved ones - all your friends and family - and it'll all be ok? 

Then COVID hit. 

Then we didn't travel. 




Yah, that's where we are at. We miss traveling. We miss our friends and family, who for us, are one and the same. It's been since March 2019 that I last visited California, December 2018 for Rory and Phinn, and December 2019 for some friends and family that came to visit us to celebrate Rory's 50th birthday! (A whole other post I will get to, one of these days). 

Anyway, this is just to say I miss our people. And that I am SUPER grateful to the new friends and family we've made here on island. And I hope that everyone just continues to wear their masks, get the vaccine, and keep safe. I can't wait to hug everyone, masked and vaccinated, of course. ; )

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