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14 Apr

So, I was cleaning the kitchen up last night after dinner (homemade tacos, avocado side dish, Spanish rice, and margaritas, yum!) and I was putting something away and glanced up at the top of our cupboards. (We have a good two feet above the top of our cupboards for additional storage and decorations, it is so helpful and I love it.) My eyes rested on this sight. . . 

Wait. . .

What's that? 

Oh no. . .


Seriously. All of the straws are up there, in that cute little square vase. They are in there, because it used to be cute and fun to have straws at home, at the ready, to be used in any sort of beverage to jaunty it up. And now? Now they are horrible assailants against the planet. And they are! Who needs to sip delicious beverages in wasteful straws? Get some stainless-steel ones or just be old fashioned and drink out of the cup! Which we so do now. . . I haven't used these straws since we moved here. So, ok, I will just throw these away. Oh god, wait. No. I can't throw them away, because landfills. I can't recycle them, because they aren't recyclable. So, I totally freaked out last night! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH 100's OF STRAWS? 


Is this the new medium for friendship bracelets? Should I weave a rug? I am only quasi-joking. Because now I have the cute square vase down, and am just staring at the straws. What do I do with them? Do you know? I'd love to hear what you are doing with your leftover straws. . .please. #askingforafriendhahahahaha

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