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25 Aug

Well, it finally happened. After 4 years of anticipation, and knowing the inevitable was rushing toward us like a freight train, it happened. And I know that the whole point is to get them to this actual point, but when the time comes and the point is staring you in the face, Yeesh! It is hard not to just sob.

Phinneas started school last Wednesday. Kindergarten 1. And it was AWESOME! HE LOVED IT! Seriously, it was the best outcome a parent could hope for. The teachers at his school are so great, the school is amazing, the kids are lovely, and Phinn was SO ready. He was just so excited, he's been telling us for months that he is so excited to meet and play with all his new kids and learn all of the things. Yah! I want that, too, kiddo! Rory and I got him to school on time on Wednesday, walked him in to drop his things off, say hello to his teacher, gave him and hug and kiss, and off he went to play. No second thought. No concern. No worries. And just as it should be.

Rory and I made it out of his area of school before we cried. Outside the gate I lost it and hugged this other mamma so hard I nearly knocked her over. Thank goodness she is super sweet and loves hugs! Haha! Rory worked from home that day so we could pick him up together, but he was busy and in our home office working, so he couldn’t play. It was so weird. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I suddenly found myself with time on my hands; no job, no child, and I had already done laundry. . . so now what? I treated myself. I went and got a pedicure. That killed an hour. WHAT? JUST AN HOUR? Why, when Phinn wasn’t in school, leaving to get a pedicure seemed like I was leaving for 4 hours before?! I just never wanted to be apart from Phinn, so I guess that is why. Ok, more time on my hands. I looked for more jobs, applied to a few. Set up some interviews. Ok, this could be good.

I spoke to some friends, some family. . . it is a new chapter in our lives and I am trying to figure out how to navigate through this. I am excited for Phinn and his new adventure, and I am equally excited for my new adventure! I feel so happy with all of this change, and just with the change of seasons coming up in about a month, it all  seems to fit nicely together. However, that could change literally in a few hours. So please don’t stop checking in on us. Haha!

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