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09 Apr

Omg. I just published my site today. It's been ready for days, maybe even a week. But I've been nervous to hit the big button. "PUBLISH". It's so, out there. Out for everyone to read, to judge, to comment on. But, I welcome it all. I am excited to share this with you. It is kind of remote, living on an island, so it is my little way of trying to connect with you all from at least 2000 miles away. :) I've already received a few messages (thanks Donna!), and one subscription (thanks Rory!) and I am just thrilled with the support I've received. 

One of the things I am considering is how much to share. How many pictures? Do I share Phinneas' photo? I mean, we post a few pics of him with us on Facebook. But I don't want to tarnish his cyber footprint, he can do that all on his own if he so chooses. But, I also want to post photos of us, of our outings and fun times. So, it is a weird line to walk. I'd love to know; How do you determine what to post about and what pictures to share? We all post (or most of us, at least) on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or on all of them. Cross-posting, whatever. It seems like it is a "safe" place, since many people (like myself) have their profiles on lockdown so only their "friends" can see their posts. But as we all know, nothing is "safe" online. We are constantly reminded to change our passwords, check our credit reports, and make sure we aren't being hacked or that our identity is still ours. So, where is the line for posting? 

I think for me, I am going to take it case by case. 

Anyway, enjoy poking around! 

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