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28 Oct

So back in July before he started school, we enrolled Phinn in Ballet and Tap class at a local dance academy. He really showed interest in dance and when we asked him if he wanted to take a class, he was more than happy to agree. He’s been loving it, and they have been preparing for their Fall dance show. Well, the big night is finally here, and we could not be more excited!

I am working backstage, which mostly means I am responsible for about 5 of the littles in Phinn’s class during the show. My plan is to bring a little blanket for them to sit on (otherwise I fear we will hear 14 pairs of little tap shoes slappin’ the floors during the show), and something for them to do with their hands (I wish I could find some beeswax! Phinn’s teacher gives that to the class during story time to keep them calm and it is magical! I am going to do that during my meetings with adults!). Maybe some pipe cleaners or embroidery thread or something. All of the dances we’ve seen in the show are so great, and the kids are so enthusiastic! I feel so lucky to have found this little studio tucked away in our neighborhood.

It is during times like these, when something important is happening in our lives or the lives of our family and friends (really, one and the same), that it makes it a bit difficult to live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We do our best – sharing the moments via phone, text, FaceTime, Marco Polos, etc., but it does make it a bit, hmmm, I guess emotional is the right word. With California on fire, seemingly burning to the ground, my worry is with my friends and family back in California, while the excitement of the show is solidly here on Oahu. With my little family of three. I guess, it’s just sometimes, I wish my Mainland family and friends could be here too.

Phinn’s got a lot of excitement this week – the show tonight, back to regular dance tomorrow, then Halloween this Thursday – wow! It is crazy to think that two years ago this time, we were finishing packing up our containers, shipping our remaining car, and preparing to move across the ocean to our new surprise home. (We also had one of the best nights trick-or-treating with our friends and family, one night that was so awesome that Phinn still remembers and talks fondly about it. I think all future Halloween's will be compared to that one). So much has happened, so very much. I am so grateful, and hopeful. And will definitely be better about blogging. I miss you guys. I hope you’ve missed me too.

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