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05 May


My apologies that I've been silent this past week. We've had a ton going on and well, packing. Packing is my life right now. I work, I play with Phinn, and I pack. I help keep three people and two dogs alive, and I pack. I've abandoned any hope of the magic packing fairy to show up here. I started two Friday's ago after we saw our new place, and haven't stopped. We are almost done. But the hard thing is, we can't just pack everything up, right? Because we have to think about having to live here still for a week and a half before the move, I have to think about packing for my trip to CA, and we have to figure out what Rory and Phinneas will need to take over with them. Oh yeah, because the boys are moving us (with the help of a moving company we have yet to hire) while I am in CA. The week before Rory's surgery. Super fun. All of this, not stressful at all. Ha ha! But, Rory and I can do anything together. And in the middle of all of this craziness, it's our 7th anniversary today. On this actual day, May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, Olé! And let me tell you, our wedding was amazing.

This past week, during the craziness of packing and working and trying not to panic about the job situation, I found myself reminiscing about the week leading up to our wedding day, 7 years ago. Rory and I did mostly everything ourselves, with the help of our family and friends, which made it even more rad! Bouquets, boutonnières, rehearsal dinner (Rory cooked spaghetti for everyone, and it was in our backyard, just like our beautiful wedding), decorating, song lists, vows. . . oh the vows. I loved our vows then, and I love them even more now. I could go on and on about our wedding, I LOVED it. Rory loved it. The dogs loved it (because, duh – they were, of course, involved). Our friends and families loved it. It was fantastic. But that’s not the point (as awesome as it is). The point is, in the middle of all of this exciting change, we still stepped back for a minute and took time to celebrate us (Rita, that’s for you). We couldn’t do dinner or celebrate today (Rory has to work, and did I mention packing?), but we did have a lovely morning of exchanging copper gifts (we aren’t traditional in many ways, but we love adhering to the traditional anniversary gifts), and enjoying each other’s company whilst packing. Because, always packing.

So while he’s off at work tonight and I am here eating home cooked spaghetti with Phinn (yes, I cooked), I am toasting to Rory, our friends and families (one in the same for us), and wishing Rory and I quick and organized pack, an easy move, a safe trip to CA and back, a safe surgery for Rory, an easy unpacking for me, a job to transfer to once the merger is completed, and lastly, but definitely not least, a very Happy 7thAnniversary to the best Husbando this Wifeita could ever hope for. (How’s that for a run-on sentence? YAH!)

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