1 min read
25 Apr

Ok WAIT A MINUTE! I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, but I can still be a bit jokey, right? Like, it’s not too soon to laugh? A bit? I am IN NO WAY making light of any of this, because it is all a shit sandwich. Trust me. I am more involved in the knowledge of the shit sandwich and I completely get just how much it is, in fact, not even prettied up shit. But, let’s take a left turn and giggle just a bit. 

So, I am watching “God I Hope I Get It” on Amazon Prime (it’s great so far, I recommend it. And added bonus, we know people in this documentary! It’s so lovely to see them!! Art, it is extraordinary. Anyway, I digress And that’s a whole other blog) and something dawned on me and hit me like a sack of bricks. The underlying theme song to my life has been, “God I Hope I Get It”. AH! the irony!!!!!! I seriously cannot stop laughing about this right now. 

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