Friday the 13th!!!!

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14 Sep

Personally, I have always loved Friday the 13ths. I have always experienced good luck, good times, or a combo of both, and yesterday was no exception!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and A FULL MOON?! The energy was amazing. We dropped Phinn off at school in the morning and it was pretty cool to feel everyone’s energy. The whole school seemed to be buzzing. The wind was a little blustery, the sun was shining, and it was raining a bit. So awesome! I also felt like a supermom yesterday, helping some new friends out with pickup and after school care (Phinn got to have his first unofficial playdate!), and then we all went to a beach party potluck with his class. It was a beautiful day!

I am just so thrilled at how well Phinneas is adjusting to his new school, his new friends, his new schedule. Kids are amazing and we can learn so much from them. We have such a responsibility to these littles, to the world we are leaving for them. Each aging generation feels the same, I am sure. But for me/my generation, I feel like it is a bit more of a grave situation. I am truly frightened at the state of our world, of our government, and for our future. But I look at the kids (and parents) in Phinn’s class and I see such sweetness and hope, kindness and inquisitiveness, love and care, and it creates in me overwhelming feelings of love and hope for this world. And if nothing else, helps solidify our choice in schools for our little. He is thriving, loving his new experiences, and I have nothing but love and appreciation for this school and his teachers. Aloha!

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