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27 Jun

Aloha Ohana!

I hope you are all doing great. I have really been struggling to write something, not because I don’t have a lot to say, I do. But more because I am a bit hesitant to say a lot right now. But I miss writing, and I just needed to get something out. So if you don’t mind me being a little cryptic, here is a tiny update.

Firstly, there’s no update on the work front. There are rumors everywhere – which is funny, because I usually hear about all of them. But I have kind of disengaged myself from the rumor-mill because I think it was slowly killing me as the amount of unknown info surrounding this deal is soul-crushing. Anyway, one rumor refers to  the “closing date” for the acquisition. It was confirmed today that it is only a rumor, but the deal will close soon barring any unplanned hiccups. I really hope the team is taken over to the purchasing company, but I just don’t know. There’s some more info about all of this, but I don’t think I should talk about it just yet. But I will, oh trust me. I will.

Secondly, remember I told you some of my friends are going through some tough shit right now? (If you don’t, please read my previous blogs to catch up, shameless plug, haha!) Well can I just say how strong my friends are? Jeezus! I am not going to call any of you out right now as I think you know who you are (and I say “you” because I hope you are all reading this). There’s divorce going on, people are moving, buying homes, selling homes, kicking ass at their jobs in the face of uncertainty (or new boss after new boss), some issues of newly discovered depression, etc. And for those of you going through this, you are seriously amazing. I am in awe of how each of you are handling all that you are, and want you to know you are doing awesome! And for those of you reading this not included in this group, well, good for you! Perhaps you could leave a little note of encouragement for those that have a bit more on their plates than usual. Anonymous as it may be, it is still nice to read kind notes from people, and let’s be honest – we could all use a little more love and kindness right now. So, spread it if you got it! (please and thank you). And next time you need it, perhaps you’ll find some solace here for you, too.

Thirdly, my nails. I have struggled my entire life with being a chronic nail biter. I think it is just that I need to do something with my hands, which is why I enjoyed smoking (EW! I know. Thank god that was a short phase). Anyway, I worked really hard the Summer of 2009 (I think it was) and started to really focus on not biting. Success! Except when I get really anxious, then I struggle. So, this week, I was PISSED! I got some news that really made me angry and I bit one nail off. (Well, I bit a tiny piece and then tore the rest of it off. Didn’t hurt, nope, I didn’t cry.) And the rest of them look so good! To say I am disappointed in myself is putting it lightly. But mostly because I let this certain bit of info get to me that much. But the thing is, it has to do with some people getting a new pet, then less than 24 hours later surrendering that pet back to the rescuer. These people SHOULD NOT have pets, and it really makes me angry when people disregard animals so easily. It has been 5 weeks since we got Catcat, and we are all STILL adjusting to living together. All of us. I finally got Heinrich and Tiffany into the groomers (OMG they look so good!) and now since they can see again, it is a whole new ballgame! Catcat still doesn’t give two shits about the dogs, but man! do those dogs love Catcat. Love to torment him! Tiffy is ready to attack whenever Catcat walks by, and Heinrich looks like he is literally going to jump out of his body with excitement as he tries to control himself when Catcat slowly struts by Heinrich, rubbing his face against Heinrich’s legs. But it’s an adjustment nonetheless! And we’ve had to endure Catcat killing one bird and attempting to murder another (probably succeeding, but not in my home, dammit!), bringing BOTH into the house to show off his trophies for us, and even so! We don’t kick him out! Ugh. So, nail gone. :) 

Lastly, I just needed to write. This is my happy place. And I have so much more to say. But you’ll have to bear with me for a bit. Until I feel like it is ok to talk about, you are going to have to deal with my secrecy. But hang tight, because it’s gonna be good.

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