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I wanted to create a space I could share a bit of myself, my family, my stories. Have a look around, see what is here. Subscribe (at the very bottom of the page), send me an email (or two), ask some questions, and enjoy. It is a safe space for all kind and thoughtful beings.

Like me? Like what I have to say? What I wear? What I use? Here’s where I am going to share with you my most favorite things. And where you can get it (or, where and how you can DIY some of it!). This page will continuously be updated, as my choices evolve. For now, enjoy!


Disney and all things Disneyland. Yup, we are those people.

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Free People

The best clothes, ever. And shoes. And housewares. Well, and lots and lots of things. You won't be disappointed.

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Fused Hawaii

"Fused Hawaii is for women who want to live confidently in the skin they're in." - company tag line It is true.

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Hydro Flask

Keeps drinks REALLY cold for a long time, and warm for long enough. (Can you tell which one I am truly concerned about?)

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Mahatma Rice

Yellow Saffron rice - it's the closest thing to a pot of gold that I've come across...

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Here are my players. My people. My Ohana. You know how they say, “It takes a village...”? This is my village. We just happen to be spread out all over. This page will, hopefully, grow as this site does, and you can meet all the wonderful people who make up my village. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them. So welcome, villager!

Rory Collins

This guy is my right hand. And sometimes, if my day is particularly shit, my left hand, too. But that is ok, because I am his as well.

Stacey Collins

Full Time Woman

More love, more kindness, more fun, more real-ness.